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[AUG 2019] New Flashlight Models from China

Translated with Google Machine Translator.


  • Carclo imported optical convex mirror (convex mirror is a mold product, some products have scratch marks on the edge)
  • The “forward” tail mechanical switch is durable and easy to replace and can load transient currents up to 8A.
  • Light bulb (cold white light 6500k) for CREE XPL-HI 4 lamp beads parallel shunt
  • The brightest single lamp has an average of 1100 lumens and four up to 4400 lumens (theoretical value)
  • (XP-L HI type) The luminous flux is depleted, and the value is reduced. There are also about 4,000 lumens.
  • The brightness is very bright, the heat is very great, and the extremely bright gear starts to be hot after 10 seconds. Please be careful when using it.
  • The factory default setting is 50% brightness, and the high temperature overload will automatically jump to the low light mode.
  • 18650 lithium battery continues to light life, depending on the lithium battery brand, capacity mA / working current and other factors
  • Use the test LG 3400 mAh / or Panasonic green robe lithium battery to do continuous lighting test on this giant wave flashlight
  • Extremely bright 0.5H automatic jump in bright (in the soaking water or fan cooling highlight mode length 1.5-2H) /50% medium bright 3-3.5H / low 24H or more


  • Background Ambient Light Green/Blue/Red Light Optional (Photographed with light color, no notes are randomly sent)
  • Housing material; aluminum alloy 6064 T6+ rear sandblasting + hard oxidation. (The titanium alloy / copper plate is available in October, please pay attention)
  • Color: black / gun gray / mud color / army green (non-collision)
  • Supplied: screw/seal ring + metal back clip (requires screw hole for back clip)
  • Dimensions: length 108mm diameter; 28.5mm
  • Weight: 104g (without battery)
  • Single 18650 lithium battery power supply, working voltage: 2.9-4.2V.
    It is recommended to use imported large capacity lithium battery, and the high discharge power lithium battery is better.
    It is not necessary to have a protective plate lithium battery, and the IC circuit has overcurrent and low voltage protection.


  • 1x Click – Standard 5 mode
  • 2x click -Turbo
  • 3x Click – Moonlight
  • 4x click – Special modes (Strobe, Beacon, SOS)
  • 5x click – Stepless ramping (auto)
  • 6x click – AUX LED (Lo, Mid, Hi)
  • 7x click – Single mode @50%
  • 8x click – Temperature setting (40°C to 70°C range)
  • 9x click – Voltage read out
  • 10x click – Factory reset
  • Low voltage alert at 10s interval. Auto shutdown when voltage dropped under 2.7V.

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