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How to remove bundled free gift from Banggood shopping cart


Resellers conduct in-house sale events regularly throughout the year. System will automatically forbid the use of coupon(s) during promotional period. In order to bypass this restriction, you have to forgo the free gift if you wish to purchase with our discount coupon.

Unfortunately, there is no way to “uncheck” gift option direct for some technical reason. Therefore,  please follow our quick workaround to checkout successfully.


Select the product model that you intend to buy and click “Add to Cart” (not Buy Now).



System will prompt you that item(s) have added to cart successfully



Roll your cursor over shopping cart icon located on the right corner, to have a view the items in your cart right now.

Delete the gift item (e.g TANK007 KC15) by clicking on the orange cross icon. Please note that this is the only place you can remove the unwanted gift.


You are now left with single item in your shopping cart. Now, click View Cart button to proceed.



Shopping Cart page view.

Click Proceed to Checkout (orange button).



On the top right hand column, you will find a section under Discounts. Expand the Coupons field by clicking on the down arrow icon on the right.

Enter our supplied deal/ group buy coupon and hit Use.



Discount value (shown in red) and Total Payment will be presented. You can opt out shipping insurance (bottom line) if you wish to save a little more. However, Banggood claim that they will not compensate for lost package during transit.

Please note that shipping charges differ from country to country.


STEP 7 (Final)

Please double check your shipping and billing address, then select your preferred payment method and hit “Place Order” (orange button). Banggood will divert you to external payment site such as Paypal to process your payment.

2 thoughts on “How to remove bundled free gift from Banggood shopping cart

  1. 1theDeals says:

    Please note that price is dependent on the region you are in.

  2. Termsak C. says:

    Thanks for the tip. It works! I tried it on the Astrolux FT03 Mini and could remove the gift (nylon holster). After keying in the coupon code, I could get a discount of nearly US$8. Amazing.

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