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Do vote for Our 2023 ODesigner Contest Entry!

Mar 2. 2023 Update

Congratulations to all the participants who made it into OLIGHT first quarter ODESIGNER contest. Although we did not make it into top 3, we would still like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who voted for our entry! A huge thank you once again and see you in the next contest!  

[ENDED] Calling All Olight & Flashlight Fans Out there!

If you love our new design for Baton series, do consider joining Olight FB group, and VOTE for Leon Lee (1thedeals representative) entry.  

Cast your vote at:

Deadline: March 1, 2023 at 11:59pm EST

First Quarter of 2023 Odesigner - Baton series new color design.

Some background information regarding Olight ODesigner Contest 2023.

Design Requirements:

  1. Provide creative expression words or pictures:
    a. Design naming (no infringement).
    b. Design idea or creative source.
  2. Originality is paramount, plagiarism or IP infringement must not be used.
  3. Intellectual property rights of all entries belong to Olight.

Activity platform:
Global Official Community

Participation form:
Post with #Odesigner2023 in our official groups, describe the design in text or display pictures and creative sources.

First:$500 store credit & Odesigner Coin
Second:$300 store credit & Odesigner Coin
Third:$100 store credit & Odesigner Coin
Finalist award: S1R Baton II BK & Odesigner coin

Evaluation method:
1. Evaluation Rules:
Each platform collects the number of posts according to the popularity of posts (comments, likes, and comment trends) and feasibility.
2. Evaluation Dimensions:
Scored according to the following four dimensions:
①Artistic ②Innovation ③Community popularity ④Achievability (1-10 points for scoring)

We will select entries according to the number of posts and our judging criteria as the final selection to vote for the final TOP 3 in all official groups. The final voting result will be obtained by accumulating the votes counted by each group.

The entries with the most votes and more than 500 votes may be mass-produced as exclusive products for our community! If the number of votes cannot be achieved, mass production will not be considered.

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