AUX LED Design for MF01S

User Comment
1 SKV89 Personally, I don’t like the green. Makes it too Christmas toy like. I would prefer another color such as orange or warm white over green.
2 Th558 Yh too many colours. It should be one colour at a time. Edit: actually it doesn’t look to bad but the guy above is right. Green should be replace with something else. Maybe warm white?
3 wolfstyle Agreed one color at a time. How about 3.9v or more color: green 3.3v-3.9v color: yellow or amber 2.9v-3.3v color: red 2.9v or less: OFF
4 McLight Aux color status showing depended on the Volts is a good idear, but bling bling overload especially Pink is a “No Go”.. Would be nice to choose the color of Aux..
5 Relampago I like the green and blue. Being able to choose colors would be the best choice.
6 scr79423 I agree, one color at time, if all aux colors are on at the same time it will look hideous lol if it has Anduril then it has volt readout already, no need for the aux lights to show battery status imo
7 Tom_182 I also absolutely agree. Don’t mix up Aux light colors!!!
8 lotrbfme Terrible. Looks awful. I would prefer 1 color aux LEDs
9 mortuus they should not make such drastic multi-color aux leds without even asking, shame its just too much “bling-bling”…