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ASTROLUX® WP3 LEP 562lm 2952m Thrower Flashlight with 4500mAh 21700 Battery


ASTROLUX® FT03 XHP50.2/SST40 4300lm NarsilM v1.3 USB-C 26800 Flashlight Bundle


ASTROLUX® EA01S 4*XHP50.2/ SST40 USB-C Andúril 26800 Flashlight Bundle


ASTROLUX® BL02 2*XP-G3 1200lm Bicycle Headlight


ASTROLUX EA02 KW CULPM1.TG LED 1365lm 1369m 26650/18650/21700 Andúril Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX EA01S 4*XHP50.2 11000lm/ SST40 500m USB-C Andúril Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX® K2 SST20 300lm Red/Blue+UV EDC Keychain Flashlights (Set of 7, 6500K)


ASTROLUX® K2 SST20 300lm Red/Blue+UV EDC Keychain Flashlights (Set of 7, 4000K)


ASTROLUX® WP1 & WP2 LEP 480lm Thrower Flashlight Bundle


ASTROLUX® K2 SST20 300lm Red/Blue+UV EDC Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


ASTROLUX® WP2 LEP 480lm 2300m Thrower Flashlight with 5000mAh 21700 Battery


ASTROLUX® WP1 LEP 480lm 1000m Thrower Flashlight with 5000mAh Battery


ASTROLUX EA01 XHP50.2 3500lm/ SST40 616m USB-C Andúril Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX FT02S 4*XHP50.2 11000lm 546m Andúril USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX® FT02S 4*SST40 7000lm 639m Andúril USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX® FT03 SBT90.2 Copper/Brass 4500lm Anduril 1428m Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX® FT03 XHP50.2 Copper/Brass 4300lm NarsilM v1.3 735m Type-C Rechargeable Flashlight


ASTROLUX® FT03 Mini Copper/ Brass OSRAM NM.1 Andúril AUX Leds EDC 18650/18350 Flashlight


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Customer Reviews

I’ve had the sst40 for a couple of days now, and WOW. What a fantastic light. I gave the xhp50 as a gift 3 months ago and now regret it because it seems like it’ll never restock, but that was great too. But the throw and output on the sst40 is awesome. Visually loooks like the same Lumen as my mf01 mini, but throws further. Both running on 40t. The green body is beautifully done, and the size is great. Just a perfect all around light. Wish I got the 5000k, but I got the 6500k thinking I would dedome it for better throw, but now I Don’t want to touch it lol...
EC03 Buyer, BLF​
Received both of my lights today. XHP50.2 and sst40 both in 6500. Very happy with both. XHP is hella bright. Thanks much for the chance at this deal.
EA01S Buyer, BLF
Received my XHP50 today. Really impressed with output. Measured around 68Kcd intensity with 11400 lumens output at switch on.
EA01S Buyer, BLF
Just got mine! Emisar D4Sv2 for comparison. I went with SST20 4000K. It is really heavy in the hand (obviously), but it feels so high quality. Machining and finish on the copper is very nice.
Jasper Jones
MF01 Mini Buyer, BLF
SST-40 versions should really have an SMO reflector - the LED is more for throw and the LED has little to no beam tint shift, so SMO is the way to go. XHP50.2's beam has some ugliness to it, so OP is preferably bettery. Ok, I can't rhyme...
Tom E
EC01 Buyer, Product Reviewer
Very happy with the color on my green ec03 as well. In the dark it could be mistaken for black. The tint of sst40 5k is very nice as well. I did a tailcap bypass on my xhp50 version but never tested the ‘before’ output. With the new version it made it easy to swap them. XHP50 picked up 20% output SST40 +15% Ceiling bounce tests, also in comparison the XHP50 version puts out 20% more than the SST40 version
EC03 Buyer, BLF