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Every brand starts with a mission. Ours was simple: Guiding people out of the darkness.
It began in 1981, when the WUBEN factory was established with the commitment to improving the quality of life with light. Over the last few decades, numerous global giants have put their trust in us as an OEM to produce reliable and exceptional flashlights for a diverse of consumers.
In 2016, we decided to take a step further. WUBEN was registered as a brand and entered the flashlight market, transitioning from a co-star to a key player on a global scale. Having acquired extensive experience with different types of partnerships, and driven by a world-class talent pool, WUBEN’s expertise is not just limited to the R&D, design and production of headlamps or EDC flashlight, but also tactical and professional lighting solutions for med-end and high-end market.
Let WUBEN be your anchor, whoever follows us will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Customer Reviews

Superb Flashlight.
Love my X-0, brilliant and powerful little flashlight. Extremely well built, with a very solid, weighty feel to it. The X-0 has a good range of illumination levels and functions backed up by excellent battery life and a magnetic base. Unobtrusive when put in the pocket too. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one for my cars’ glovebox.
Ryan Clark
Wuben X0 Buyer
Love the uniqueness
Small powerful and solidly built. I really like the unique design and color scheme (white and blue). I like the simple ui and the button. Glad it has USB type c charging. I have recommended to a couple friends. This is my first experience with Wuben and I am impressed with the build quality, easily on part with the other high end flashlight manufacturers. I will be buying from Wuben again in the future.
Rob Kuhn
Wuben X0 Buyer
High cri with 4 pieces Samsung LH351D LED
The light cone is very wide and well coordinated. The neutral color throughout is entirely satisfactory. The lighting duration of approx. 1000lm at the highest level is also exemplary compared to other lamps. I would like it if the power button had a backlight. Unfortunately this is not the case. There will be a new switch and an additional USB-C connection with a hardware update. Otherwise I am very satisfied with this lamp and would buy it again. Ordering was easy and delivery was particularly fast. It went well.
Iva Danner
TO50R Buyer
A versatile well built flashlight
I was buying the TO50R for two reasons: 1. I was looking for a waterproof, well built bright flashlight for my trekking adventures 2. Sometimes I’m using a flashlight for photography. Therefore the high CRI of the flashlight was an absolute necessary feature.The TO50R meets all my demands. It’s a perfect built flashlight and delivers an output up to 2800 Lumen. The weigh is only about 200g with battery included.All together a versatile well built flashlight. Recommended!
Armin Bieser
TO50R Buyer