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HAIKELITE HK05 5*SFN60 30000lm 1000m 3*21700 Flashlight Group Buy

5*SFN60 30000lm 1000m


Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price:

$88 (usual $114.95)

Coupon: F44827


Lamp beads5* SFN60
Color temperature

3000K (Warm white)

5500K (Neutral white)

6500K (Cool white)

Battery3*21700 Battery (not included)
USB RechargeableYes, USB-C fast charge
Size152mm*76mm*53mm (Length x Head dia.x Body diameter)


1. Stepless dimming

When power on, press and hold the switch for stepless dimming to increase and release the brightness, let hand go when you find the brightness you want.

2. Turbo mode & temperature control protection

Double-click quickly in any mode to enter turbo. And when the temperature of the flashlight reaches 55°C, there will be a temperature control protection function, the brightness will slowly drop to 4500 lumens, and continue to be on for a long time (about 75 minutes). Then when the temperature of the torch is lower than 48 ℃, brightness will rise again.

3. Turbo - Strobe - SOS - Tactical flash

When turned on, double-click to turbo, double-click again to strobe, double-click again to S0S mode, and double-click again to tactical flashing. Then single click any mode to turn off normally.

4. Power indicator

< 3.2V, blue flashes

< 3V, red flashes

< 2.8V, It will automatically turn off

Charging: red on

Fully charge: green on

Output for phone as a power bank: blue on

5. Charging power

5V 3A or 9V 2A or SCP5V 4.5A, two-way fast charging.

6. Switch between stepless dimming & gear mode dimming

when turned on, three clicks to switch between stepless dimming and gear mode

7. Gear mode introduction

Moon-200lm, Low-2000lm, medium- 4500lm, High-8000lm, double-click to Turbo-30,000lm, double-click again to Strobe.

8. Lock mode

Lock the machine: Turn off, then press and hold for three seconds

Unlock the machine: Turned on, then press and hold for three seconds

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