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LUMINTOP GT110 SBT90.2 7000m 2700m Flashlight Group Buy

SBT90.2 7000lm 2720m Thrower Flashlight


Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price:

$2XX.99 (usual $349.95)

Coupon: 1TDNEW


Coming soon.


Emitter Luminus SBT90.2 ,5700K, mounted on copper DTP MCPCB 
Flux >7000 lm  
Intensity >1850 kcd (ANSI throw >2720 m)  
FirmwareTom E’s  open-source NarsilM v1.3 adapted by Texas_Ace  
User interface[1] By default the GT110  is set to use the very intuitive Narsil smooth RAMPING UI. Instant access to a 2.5 A TURBO mode is also provided.  
[2] A more conventional discrete level MODE-SET UI is available as an alternative. Anyone of 12 pre-defined mode-sets can be selected. 
[3] MOMENTARY mode is useful for signalling purposes or rapidly/briefly lighting up targets. 
Battery461100 battery 38000mah(included)
DriverTexas Avenger V2  
Reflector 118 mm inner diameter, aluminium, smooth finish 
Lens Glass with anti-reflective coating 
Body Aluminium with Type III hard-coat anodizing 
Tripod socket Standard 1/4 inch threaded (1/4-20 UNC) 
Button Tactile with back-lit rubber boot  
Ingress rating Equivalent to IP65, do not immerse in liquid. 
Weight Approximately 2.08 kg without cells 
Dimensions 135 mm Ø head x 280 mm length 


Tom E’s  open-source NarsilM v1.3 adapted by Texas_Ace .

Package Included:

1x Lumintop Apollo
1x Manual
1x Charging Cable

4 thoughts on “LUMINTOP GT110 SBT90.2 7000m 2700m Flashlight Group Buy

  1. Spike says:

    I jumped on the deal back in October and the the price was $2XX.00 only to have the seller refund my money a few days ago saying there isn’t enough in stock to sell yet now the discount code brings the total to $297.45 and it says Neal has 4 left in stock (hurry check out now) did he not want to honor the deal made? If it was going to be more maybe could have said something instead of canceling and refunding the money. That’s bad business I was looking forward to this light he shouldn’t advertise a price if it can’t be honored.

    1. 1theDeals says:

      Neal was unable to fulfill your order because LUMINTOP has decided hold back the release date for GT110.

  2. Spike says:

    He is still selling them…

    1. 1theDeals says:

      Neal probably has ordered or intend to order that first batch of lights from Lumintop back in August. Like what I have mentioned earlier, Neal was unable to process your order because he did not receive them. Hence, he had no choice but to cancel and refund your order.

      He has already updated his listing after I spoke to him a few hours ago. Original deal is no longer valid as the retail price was based in August estimate, but we are already approaching December.

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