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NIGHTWATCH A15 SuperNova Avaritia A15 Flashlight Group Buy

15*N7-165HPE LEDs 94000lm Rechargeable Flashlight


Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price:

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$XXX.99 (usual $XXX.95)

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  • Press and hold for 0.5S to turn on the phone and click the button to cycle through the gears.
  • Press and hold for 0.5S to shut down. Double-click to turn on extremely bright. Three hits to activate full power flash.
  • Four-click lock button in shutdown state to prevent accidental touch.
  • Four clicks to unlock.


The driver has two thermal probes, one onboard and one set in the center of the integrated warehouse. If any probe detects that the temperature exceeds
75°C, the temperature control will be triggered. Above 75℃, 3 large MOS tubes will be closed. After lowering to the constant current position, it
intelligently and slowly rises and falls to stabilize the temperature at about 65°C, and the body temperature of the outer shell is about 55~60°C.

Charging: After plugging in the typec cable, the button indicator light will light up and display red, purple, and blue cycles, staying
for 2S in each color. Press the button in the displayed color to select the charging power. The button light flashes when charging. Always
on after full.

Package Included:

1x NIGHTWATCH A15 15*N7-175HE 94000lm SuperNova
1x Instruction Manual

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