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[4K] WUBEN L1 Dual LED SST40 2000lm+519A Dual Light Sources 21700 Flashlight

Test Conditions

Emitter (main):1Luminus SST40-W
Max. Brightness:2000lm
Emitter (AUX):1Nichia 519A
Max. Brightness:600lm
Test Date:July 31, 2023
Power Source:Wuben ABD4800 217004800mAh
Ambient Temperature:30°C

Test Results

Updated on Aug 13, 2023

Luminus SST40-W (primary)  
Max. Brightness:1997lm
Max. Brightness (30s):1218lm
Max. Beam Distance:351m
Max. Beam Distance (30s):272m
Max. Candela:30821cd
Max. Candela (30s):18522cd
LED Color Temperature:5979K
LED Duv0.0065 
Flicker Index0.1696
Frequency: 31176Hz
Modulation Depth:60.48%
Risk Assessment:NO RISK
Visible Pulse Wave Modulation:None (excluding flashing modes) 
Low Voltage Protection:2.96V
Parastic Drain (tailcap LEDs ON):80.7~130.8 μA
Max. Charging Current:2.22A
Charging Termination Voltage:4.2V
Battery Capacity (input):4800mAh
Internal Cell Resistance:23
Weight (w/o. battery):72g
Nichia 519A (secondary)  
Max. Brightness:678lm
Max. Brightness (30s):216lm
Max. Beam Distance:94m
Max. Beam Distance (30s):52m
Max. Candela:2205cd
Max. Candela (30s):686cd
LED Color Temperature:5165K
LED Duv-0.0067 
Flicker Index0.1254
Frequency: 31095Hz
Modulation Depth:45.82%
Risk Assessment:NO RISK

WUBEN L1 Runtime - 1 min Duration

No Data Found

WUBEN L1 Runtime - 3 min Duration

No Data Found

WUBEN L1 Runtime - 30 min Duration

No Data Found

Output (LUMNIUS SST40-W)

Powered by: Wuben ABD4800 4800mAh 21700 Rechargeable Battery.

No Data Found

Output (NICHIA 519A)

Powered by: Wuben ABD4800 4800mAh 21700.

No Data Found

Charging Voltage

Power Source: Baseus Gan Pro 65W Charger
Remark: Only one port was occupied during the test.

No Data Found

Charging Current

Max. Charging Current: 2.2172A
Elapsed Time: 02:27:20
ABD4800 cell had protection circuit.

No Data Found

Battery Capacity

WUBEN ABD4800 4800mAh 21700.
Capacity (IN) 2.96V > 4.156V: 4080mAh*

No Data Found

 * Actual capacity (input) value will be higher if cell is being charged from 2.7V to 4.2V.
From our experience, placing a USB tester with the charging line would result in earlier charging termination(0.3V~0.5V) than direct plugin.

Manufacturer's Specs


Runtime30S + 7H30S + 8.5H9H60H//
Beam Intensity30625cd


Runtime30S + 6.5H7H90H30S + 6H6.5H90H
Beam Distance104m102m
Beam Intensity2720cd2600cd

This data is obtained by our partner's laboratory in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard, using a 21700 4800mAh battery. The data may vary due to differences in testing environments and batteries.


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