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[4K] ASTROLUX ED01 Luminleds HL2X 1287lm 451lm Flashlight Review

Test Conditions

Emitter (main):1LuminLeds HL2X
Max. Brightness:1287lm
Emitter (AUX):2?
Max. Brightness:10lm
Test Date:Jul 24, 2023
Power Source:Sony VTC5A2500mAh
Ambient Temperature:28°C

Test Results

Updated on July 28, 2023

Max. Brightness:1106lm
Max. Brightness (30s):403lm
Max. Beam Distance:209m
Max. Beam Distance (30s):180m
Max. Candela:10927cd
Max. Candela (30s):8134cd
Tested Output Value:641Lux
LED Color Temperature:7360K
LED CRI (641lux)77.6Ra
LED Duv-0.0018 
Flicker Index0.0163
Frequency: 40456Hz
Modulation Depth:6.74%
Risk Assessment:NO RISK
Visible Pulse Wave Modulation:None (excluding flashing modes) 
Low Voltage Protection:NilV
Parastic Drain (tailcap LEDs ON):150-209 μA
Max. Charging Current:1.15A
Charging Termination Voltage:<2.55V
Battery Capacity (input):2390mAh
Weight (w/o. battery):80g

ASTROLUX® ED01 Runtime - 1 min Duration

- Maximum brightness was 1106lm @00:00:03 - 85% of what is claimed by the manufacturer.
- Light measured at 808lm @30s, for ANSI FL1 Standards (except that our ambient temp is higher than 24°C).
- Low mode output test was omitted as it would take forever(days) to complete. Hence, I used 1lm value to represent LOW mode output for the first 3hrs.

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ASTROLUX® ED01 Runtime - 1 hr Duration

- User can trigger back to high mode as and when, but ED01 will gradually stepdown within a minute.
- Temperature reached 47°C/ 117°F on 3rd consecutive trigger.
- We do not expect significant changes in the output for the next 1-2hrs, apart from gradual reduction of output as cell charges deplete. Hence, we decided to terminate the test around 8min mark.

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ASTROLUX® ED01 Runtime - 1hr Duration

- Test terminated at 1 hour mark. Actual runtime for each level will be determined by the battery model used.
- Medium mode ran for over 3hrs straight, and I had to manually terminate my test to save my battery for over-discharging.
- No LVP protection or warning was being observed when it ran till 2.55V.

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Output (Max.)

Powered by: Sony VTC5A 2500mA 25A Li-ION (2yr+ old)

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Capacity (input)

2390mAh recorded for VTC5A 2500mAh

No Data Found

Charging Voltage

Power Source: Baseus Gan Pro 65W Charger

No Data Found

Charging Current

Elapsed Time: 03:02:31

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Manufacturer's Specs


Max Range451m

Notice: the data above are only approximate values. it may change with different batteries and usage environment.

  1. Press the switch to turn on the flashlight. Press again to turn off the flashlight.
  2. After turning on the flashlight, tap the tail button to change modes. Quickly double-tap to enter the strobe.
  3. With memory function, turn on the flashlight for more than 2 seconds in a certain mode, and it will automatically be memorized. The next time you turn on the flashlight, it will be in the same mode.
  4. Charging: unscrew the flashlight head, connect to the type-C port for direct charging.

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