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ASTROLUX® ED01 Luminleds HL2X 1287lm 451m Flashlight Group Buy

Luminleds HL2X LED 1287lm 451m


Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price:

$19.99 (usual $24.99)

Coupon: F25342



The Data is Not Available


Max Range451m

Notice: the data above are only approximate values. it may change with different batteries and usage environment.

  1. Press the switch to turn on the flashlight. Press again to turn off the flashlight.
  2. After turning on the flashlight, tap the tail button to change modes. Quickly double-tap to enter the strobe.
  3. With memory function, turn on the flashlight for more than 2 seconds in a certain mode, and it will automatically be memorized. The next time you turn on the flashlight, it will be in the same mode.
  4. Charging: unscrew the flashlight head, connect to the type-C port for direct charging.


Package Included:

1x ED01 Flashlight
2x O-ring
1x Lanyard
1x Clip
1x 18350 tube


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