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Odesigner Contest – “Design your ideal Odin”

Our entry for Fourth Quarter 2022 Odesigner Contest. Enjoy!​

Design Inspiration

A bold, futuristic, and mean looking piece, which matches the design language of modern high-performance rifles. This package that has lot to bring on the table, yet flexible and easy operate even without going through its manual.

Proposed Specifications

Emitter Choice

LEP, NM.1, and SFT40 are my recommendation for thrower (primary light source). Cool white LED for longer throw distance in fine weather.

For the flood LEDs array, OSRAM SST20 3535 small footprint might be a suitable candidate. TIR optics will be utilized to shape the beams for the is array. We need to test out which tint combination that works best for all-conditions.

Of course, more powerful emitters and high CRI emitters are always welcome if manufacturer is able stock up.


Three different laser color will roll out progressively based on demand.

Module has to be shifted to the bottom for Odin Pro, as LEP optic lens will could interfere with the laser beam.


Estimate beam distance and candela are based on thrower output. Values will be higher when both throw and flood beams are activated at the simultaneously.

Battery Indicator

A mini raised LED light bar which allows user to see the status of battery. User could take a quick glance from the side without lowering their weapon. Green for full, constant Red for under 3.3V, and flashing Red for LOW.

Welcome Light

Fade in illumination for Olight logo upon powerup for 2s duration, and automatically turn off.
It is cool to have but totally optional.


Darken crenulated stainless-steel bezel for striking purposes, protecting the front element, and aggressive look.

Magnetic Tailcap & Remote Switch

Since it has been tested, proven, and well-received by our OFans and reviewers, it might be a good idea retain the original Olight magnetic dual button remote switch system. If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

Weapon Mount

Likewise for rail mounts, it will support both Picatinny Rail and M-LOK Mount. Buyer will be able to select their required mount from the product listing.

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