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ASTROLUX® EC01X SBT90.2 Flashlight Group Buy

SBT90.2 6800lm 46950 Rechargeable Flashlight


Flashlight Group Buy

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$134.99 (usual $179.95)

Coupon: FM5824


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  1. Install the battery correctly, tighten the tail cap, click the switch button to turn on the flashlight, click again to turn it off.
  2. Mode Change:
    • Blue light is on when flashlight is off, blue light is off when flashlight is on(You can quickly click 6 times to turn off the blue light when not needed, and then quickly press 6 times to turn on the blue light when needed)
    • When flashlight is off, press and hold the switch to enter the moonlight mode (0.3%);
  3. 1 click to turn on, enter the minimum brightness of 1% of the stepless dimming, long press to stepless dimming, and click to turn off. (Click to power on again to remember the brightness before power off). Start from low to high, then let go and then press and hold in the opposite direction to adjust the light. Dimming range (1%--70%).
  4. In any mode, 2 clicks to turbo 25A (100%); 1 click to return to the previous mode, and long press to turn off;
  5. In any mode, 3 clicks to Strobe 12HZ. Press and hold to turn it off.
  6. In any mode, 4 clicks to voltage check, flashing at 10% brightness (count the number of LED flashes about the voltage. For example, LED flash ***pause******* means the voltage is 3.7V. Single click back to the original mode.
  7. When it's off, 5 clicks and two flashes will enter the locked mode. At this time, the main light will light up as a reminder every time the switch is pressed. 5 clicks again to unlock it and enter the normal mode.
  8. Temperature control and step down: Temperature control, when the temperature rises above 52C degrees, it starts to decrease slowly at a rate of 2% per second. The minimum is reduced to 5.5A (1500LM) and the temperature is 55C degrees.
  9. Voltage indicator light: The voltage will not be detected when it is turned on, and will start to be detected after 5 minutes. When the voltage is lower than 3.1V, the main light is turned on and the indicator light flashes red (1HZ). When the main light is turned off, the blue indicator light is on; all lights will be forcibly turned off until the low voltage protection is completed.
  10. Charge and discharge Charging current: 12V2A/9V2A Charging indication: red light when charging, blue light when full, no indicator light if charging the phone. Discharge current: 9V2A The light does not turn on when the discharge voltage is above 3.1V, and flashes red when the voltage is below 3.1 V.
  11. Low voltage prompt and protection: shutdown below 2.8V.

Package Included:

1x EC01X Flashlight
2x O-ring
1x 46950 Battery
1x tripod mount screw
1x shoulder strap
1x shoulder strap steel ring
1x manual

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