Frequently Asked Questions

1) Select the products that you intend to get from Banggood store and add them get into shopping cart.

2) Navigate to the bottom of checkout page.

3) Proceed to enter our coupon code under BG discount section (as shown below).

Typically, our group buy deals will be valid for at least 90 days. Kindly take note that some group buy prices will increase slightly after 30 days. We advise buyers to place their order early if they wish to purchase at best price.

There is no quantity limit for each coupon unless it is specified in the product descriptions.

Resellers conduct in-house sale events regularly throughout the year. System will automatically forbid the use of coupon(s) during promotional period.

They can be easily identify with:

  1. the promo description listed right underneath product price in the product page itself.
  2. an orange FLASH Deals tag located right under product title.
  3. an orange PROMO tag (when product is added into your Banggood shopping cart).

If you wish to enjoy our coupon discount, kindly wait till their promotion is over. Promotion duration is usually stated underneath the price section.

The coupon that you are using:

1) is not valid for the product in your Banggood shopping cart.

2) is not valid  for that specific shipping warehouse (e.g CN, US).

Options that you might want to consider:

1) I WANT my order
Ignore the email alert and continue to wait for your preorder to be shipped out.

2) Sorry, i can’t WAIT any longer / I NOT longer need the item
Follow the instructions given in the email, and proceed with order cancellation and refund. Alternatively, you could inform their online customer service officer if urgent.

3) I WANT my order but store is UNABLE to fulfill* your order.
Follow the instructions given in the email, and proceed with order cancellation and refund.
* e.g discontinued products, sold out products, product priced incorrectly, etc.

Generally, it takes about 3-7 days for shipping companies to update their system for your parcel record. Whereas, DHL or express services would take a shorter time of 2-3 days.