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WUBEN G2 Keychain LED, H1 Headlamp and D1 Flashlight Group Buy

Group Buy Price:

Up to 50% OFF


Deposit Payment Time: Jan 12th – Jan 17th

Final Payment Time: Jan 18th – Jan 28th

  1. If you want to join the group buy, you need to pay the deposit ($4.99) at first, so we can calculate how many participants.
  2. We will send you a custom code, the code is only available for your account. 
  3. Then you can pay your final payment.
  4. We will start to ship on Jan 29th.

E.g. If you buy the G2 deposit and we unlock the 50%off price. We will send you a code. You will need to pay $6.5. which is equal to $22.99(original price)*50%off – $4.99(deposit).

(PS: If the group buy failed, you will get your deposit back. If we unlock the discount price, the deposit is non-refundable.)


ConditionsDiscount RatesG2H1D1
20 Participants35% OFF$14.95$23.39$38.99
50 Participants40% OFF$13.79$21.59$35.99
100 Participants50% OFF$11.49$17.99$29.99

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